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Littlest Angel, Debbie & Block Walkers

The little sweetie above is a Littlest Angel (LA) doll. She's one of the later ones with a vinyl head. She came with a large wardrobe of clothes. Of course I've since found more of this size doll that somehow came to the house and the clothes have been somewhat shared. I've also found a few of them weren't really hers. Most of these clothes are vintage home made. I have to get some more photos of this type of dolls because I have quite a few more.

Below are a few of them. The nun is a bit larger. I think she is probably an earlier doll than the LA's and the similar dolls. She was most likely dressed by nuns to resemble their order.

The little girls with her to the far left is a Block type doll which has been rewigged. Her dress is from an LA and her shoes are replaced Fairyland sandals. The little girl to the right of the nun is an unmarked Debbie, wearing a Block dress and the last little girl on the right is another Block type with a vintage hand made dress.

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