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Ballet Dolls

These are my ballet dolls. I've always loved ballet and took classes for about 9 years when I was a girl. The first ballet doll is a Honey walker. She has jointed knees and toes. Her costume is a replacement and slightly big for her. I'll probably make her a new one at some point and put this on a chubbier doll. The hose and shoes are replaced. The second doll also has a jointed foot and is clearly marked Nancy Ann on her vinyl head. She's also marked AE above the Nancy Ann. The outfit isn't tagged but obviously of much higher quality than any of the other ballet outfits, and I believe it is original, as are her hose and shoes. I'd really like to know more about this doll if anyone knows. The only thing I can think is she was an end style show doll from the late 50's. And finally a Fairy Princess doll complete with wings and crown. This is an original outfit though I believe one of her shoes has been replaced and I replaced the ties.

The first of the next three girls is a Horsman doll. She has a one piece body and legs, that's made out of stuffed vinyl. Her arms are not only jointed at the shoulder but also the elbow, which is less common in dolls. Cissy is another doll with this type of arm. The second doll is a classic ballerina doll. The last doll is a only 14" and wearing her original costume.

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