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This is a photo of my Marx dollhouse. It's a Colonial. This house belonged to my Mother. It always sat on the fireplace hearth at my Grandpa and Grandma Hannawalt's house. I loved it and played with it as far back as I can remember. After my Grandparents passed away the dollhouse came to my Mom's house. My little brother and sister also got to play with it. And finally it came to me.

Many of the pieces were missing by the time the house got back to me, but I've replaced pretty much everything I remember, except one figure. I've also added a number of things that I don't remember from the original. This house has the older, harder plastic pieces.

The family is all replaced. The figures I remember the most from my mom's house were the sitting girl, which I've seen and bid on, on eBay but haven't won yet. And one of the little plastic sitting babies, that are everywhere. I do have one of those but it doesn't go with the new family so I don't have it in the house. The new family is actually too big for this furniture. The furniture is the smallest 1/2 scale, but the family is 3/4. I just love the little boy brushing his teeth so much that I just decided to use this family.

The patio table is original, the umbrella (held up with a toothpick) and rest of the patio furniture is replaced. I do remember a lounge chair with the old set. The patio chairs are different. The ones from my mom's set were either red or yellow, maybe both and had a different back. I've seen them on auctions. The milk bar wasn't in my Mom's house, it and the ping pong table (which I have but isn't in the house) are from the larger house with the rec room.

In the yellow room all of the furniture is correct for this house, but the pieces were replaced, I have a couple of the original pieces but the color is much darker, maybe from sitting by the fire place all those years. The thing in the window is a little bird charm I bought in Mexico, and there's a little doily on the T.V. that I crocheted.

In the bathroom is that cute little boy brushing his teeth. All the furniture is replaced but the same as the originals. In the nursery all the pink furniture is replaced, I do have the original playpen and dresser, but they are a much darker pink, though I notice in the photos these don't match all that well either. The baby buggy is vintage but not Marx. The light green table and chair are original to the set. The chair has a broken leg, but I've never found a replacement and I really like the pair. There's a crawling baby in the playpen and a poor little girl with a broken base in the crib. The sled is something new I've had for 15 or so years.

In the lower floors, the laundry room has the most original furniture. All the large pieces are original, the wringer washer and dryer, the basket, sink and sewing machine you can't really see. The chair is Marx, but an extra, the stool and dust pan are Renwal, but I like them there. The little girl is cute and it's hard to tell, but she's petting a little flocked kitten.

In the kitchen the appliances are original. Though you can't see most of them in this picture. The table and chairs are replaced. The red cabinet is Pyro but I think it looks good in there. The red dishes are Chrysenbon. My Mom collects red glass, so we thought they would be good here.

The living room and dinning set have a lot of replacements. The china cabinet and buffet are original, the dinning table and chairs were replaced, they were also the hardest and most expensive to replace. The little tea set is metal, and a recent but vintage addition. The blue chair is original, the original couch was darker blue and straight, this curved couch also goes with the larger house set as does the juke box in the corner. I finally found a replacement for the original house after I took these photos, so it finally has the right couch again. The fireplace is by another company, neither it nor the logs are part of the original set.

The house below is a T. Cohn designed house by Superior. They made a larger one too, but this one was a bit more affordable. It has window boxes on the outside, only one is missing. I'll have to take more photos later, this large one is a bit blury. I had a few large pieces that were my Mothers, and I was looking at the furniture auctions getting the replacement pieces for my Marx house, and kept seeing all these other neat pieces in the 1-1 size so I started buying a few then I needed a house to put them in, so here's my second house. I also have a barn from my childhood, I'll have to put that up later.

The dinning chairs, piano and folding gold card table were my Mothers pieces, all others I bought in the last couple of years. Most of these pieces are Renwal, but there's a good sprinkling of other pieces too.

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