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Vintage Dolls

General Doll Sites

Baby Face The full resource for all you need to know about Baby Face Dolls, background history, photos of all the dolls and accessories, and lot's more.
Betty's Dolls Wonderful photo albums of some of Betty's fantastic creations. Betty makes beautiful doll clothes and wonderful creative Baby Face make-overs.
Diane's Enchanted Dolls Home Page to 3 doll bb's. Several photo pages of wonderful vintage dolls.
Doll Chat Not a Bulletin, board but lot's of information on dolls, much of which was gleaned from the eBay Doll Chat board. It's a great site! Identification, company information, all sorts of facts on all types of dolls.
The Doll Collection Connection Includes a neat section with pictures of the owners dolls, by the decade they were produced. Lot's of other doll info, message boards and store.
Doll Reference Great web site with a large selection of doll photos and information listed by manufacturer.
Doll's at World Collectors Net
World Collectors Net
Lot's of great articles with photos on many types of dolls. Very informational
Doll's of the Century Really wonderful web site "Dedicated to the beautiful dolls of Madame Alexander." A large collection of really wonderful photos are included.
Elsie-Cat's Dolly Fun Dolly friends special pages, fun links and a neat picture of the girls in the garden.
LilBitGal2's Sites Neat photo stories with dolls. Very cute and clever!
Lisa Sheets' Doll pages! Interesting personal collection pages. Great selection of photos of the fashion dolls from the 50's to today.
Little Brides: The Golden Age of Fashion Dolls, 1950-1970 Nice general information article about Bridal dolls from the 50's to 70's.
Madame Alexander Dolls-The Alexanderkins Dolls from Madame Alexander featuring Alexanderkins and Gone With the Wind dolls.
Malano Toy Museum Play Sets Doll houses and other neat playsets from Marx and others.
Mary's Madame Alexander Dolls Lovely personal collections featuring Madame Alexander and Alice in Wonderland dolls.
Krinkles Cuties Photos of cute Baby Face dolls. Great web site with information on Nancy Ann Dolls. Company history and information on the smaller Storybook dolls.
That 70's Doll Dedicated to that great 70's doll Dawn. This site has everything, Dawn and her friends, and everything related. Also restoration and other tips.
8-inch Ginny-type dolls of the 1950's Excellent web site on those cute little 8" and Ginny, Muffie, Wendy, Ginger, Pam, and similar dolls of the 1950's. Charts and identification guides available. Super informative site. Highly recommended.

Bulletin Boards

Antique Doll Information Exchange Bulletin Board Bulletin board for antique doll collectors.
Composition Dolls Bulletin Board Bulletin board for composition doll's only.
Dollmamasden Forum My Favorite Doll Bulletin Board. Super nice group of doll collector's of all types. Friendly and knowledgable group. Highly recommended.
Ginny Dolls Bulletin Board Bulletin board for Ginny and her look alike friends.
Hard Plastic Dolls Bulletin Board Bulletin board for hard plastic dolls only.
Madame Alexander Message Board Bulletin board for Madame Alexander Dolls.
Vinyl Dolls Bulletin Board Bulletin board for the vinyl dolls.

Doll Stores

Cherished Friends Doll Shoppe Lot's of neat new dolls. Often have great sale prices for popular collector dolls.
Dollmama's Den Vintage and collectable dolls, books, clothes, vidoes and toys. Dollmama's got it all. Dian is also really nice. I've bought things from her and they were great and she ships really quickly. Highly recommended.
A Doll's Dressmaker & Doll Hospital As the name says a doll hospital, with many services offered. Also offer tools to repair your own dolls, and clothes, furniture, accessories, reproduction tags, and more. Lot's of things offered.
Halea's Doll Clothes Doll clothes patterns with information on sewing doll clothes.
Heirloom Treasures Doll restoration, parts, clothing, and informational pages.
Lia Sargent Dolls Beautiful vintage Madame Alexander dolls for sale.
Madame Alexander Dolls The Madame Alexander Doll Company web site.
Mini World Doll Supplies Lot's of doll parts, tools, kits, books and oather doll making items.
Mott's Miniature Doll House Shop Home Page Miniature, houses, furniture, people dishes, building supplies and everything else needed for a doll house.
Sandra Lee Products Doll Restoration Products, particularly for composition dolls.
Sowatzka's Dolls Antique doll restorations, tips, classes, and dolls for sale.
Twin Pines Great doll cleaning products, I use these myself and I'm very pleased with their performance.

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