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High Heel Fashion Dolls

This is my latest fashion doll. She's an Eegee doll, with a one piece stuffed vinyl, magic skin type body. I love her outfit complete with real rabbit fur around the neck edge, pretty velvety ribbon and flowers.

This is my Miss Revlon doll. She has several flaws. But she has a nice face and I don't mind her problems. I do want to make her some nice new clothes. The outfit she's wearing right now is borrowed and really fits some of the hard plastic dolls better.

The walker doll is unmarked and has high heel feet. She has a hard plastic body and legs. The earrings and ankle bracelet are original. The shoes are replaced but identical to the originals. The dress looks home made. These dolls were put out by the same people that put out Lingerie Lou. I have an ad for this doll in a McCalls Needlworks and Crafts from the Spring Summer of 1958. She's a 20" Lu-Ann doll No. 2082. She's listed as a:

"Teenage walking beauty with bent knee action and high hell shoes. Has washable, rooted hair, moving eyes, bra, panties and nylon stockings, simulated pearl bracelet, choker, earrings and golden ankle bracelet. Her arms and face are made of soft life-like vinyl"

The original cost, $4.95.

This is Cindy. She's a Horsman doll. They made this doll in several sizes. She's kind of an interesting doll. She has a one piece body and legs. Horsman did a lot of dolls that way for a time. The robe she's wearing is original and one that I think they made for all the sizes. I see a lot of them on Cindy doll auctions. My doll was missing her undies so I made her a new pink silk set.

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