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Ginny, Muffie, Ginger, and Their 8" Hard Plastic Friends


I had to start this page with Ginny. Unfortunately I don't have any that are anywhere near original. This is an early strung Ginny. All Ginnys should be marked with Ginny or Vogue or some combination. If it isn't marked it isn't Ginny.

My little Ginny has a new ringlet wig I made for her, I know there werent any real Ginnys like this but I thought it was kind of fun, and easy to remove if a nice caracul wig falls into my lap. Her dress is vintage and home made. The second photo is a dress I crochet and sold. This Ginny is a strung non-walker with painted lashes. These types of dolls were introduced in the early 50's. I also have 2 of the walker Ginnys that came out in the mid 50's. They do have Ginny dresses but they don't have any hair right now, so I thought I'd wait on the photos.


I really love Muffie. She has a very distinctive face. She was the Nancy Ann Storybook Doll Companies answer to Ginny. Most Muffies are marked with Nancy Ann, Storybook or Muffie or some combination. The first doll above is a regular marked Muffie. She's wearing a wonderful embroidered new dress and shoes.

The second doll is an International Muffie. These dolls came out in 1968 and are not marked. They had different face paint, some more colorful than others. This one has lost her outfit and had lost her hair before she came to me, and I gave her a mohair wig. Her clothes are vintage home made. The last doll is an unmarked all vinyl Lori-Ann, these were also Nancy Ann dolls. Her dress is actually for the larger 10 inch teen dolls but I think it's cute on her for now.

The 4 photos above are my very spoiled Muffie "twins." They both have original hair. The first photo is their ballet dresses. The blonde wears a Ginger dress, and the brunette is wearing a Ginny ballet dress. The blue and pink dresses are both Ginger dresses. The turquoise coat is Vogue and I think the black one is homemade.


These girls are all Ginger faced. Many companies used these dolls and they are not marked. The first one is small eyed and is wearing an unmarked dress. The second girl has the large eyes and is wearing a Ginger dress. She's a bent knee doll which are a little harder to find than the straight leg version. The first 2 dolls both have really nice thick original wigs. The third girl has her original wig too but it wasn't as good a quality and is much more thin. She's a medium eyed Ginger with bend knees and arms. She's wearing a tagged Ginger outfit.

The next two girls above are also Gingers. Both are marked on their vinyl heads. The first has her all original outfit, but sadly her eyes have sunken into her head which is very common in these dolls. The second is a Cha-cha Ginger with high heeled feet.

I really like Ginger and shes usually rather affordable, especially if shes in bad shape. So I buy some of these girls to play with making new wigs. Above are some of my favorite wigs Ive done on Ginger. All these girls are straight leg walkers with large eyes.

The first I did in white mohair. Shes wearing a vintage factory made gown. Im not sure of the manufacturer. The veil is vintage also, and came with the gown. I need to put some flowers on it.

The second doll has a synthetic mohair wig. I like the color but I don't really care for the material that much. It likes to fall off even worse than mohair does. She's wearing a newer Ginny ballet dress. And new shoes. She doesn't really look much like a vintage doll like this. With her big eyes and pink hair, I think she looks more like an anime girl.

The third Ginger has a new synthetic wig. I used 2 different types of matching hair on her. She has a lot of hair. I wish the new doll hair looked more like the old doll hair. I did get some new bags of doll hair that a friend gave me that I think may be an improvement, if I ever have the time to try it. Her clothes are all vintage. I'm pretty sure the coat is home made. With her bag, camera and scarf, she's ready to travel the world.


I call these Gigi faced dolls but they were sold under lot's of different names. The really distinctive feature on their faces is their mouth. They look like their frowning. They also have slightly larger bodies than most dolls this size. These dolls came with regular walker legs and molded shoes or with pin hip walker legs regular molded feet and toes.

The first doll pictured is a pin hip walker. She is in a vintage dress that she came with, it's homemade, and I just really liked the dress. I think it goes very nicely with her coloring. Her hair is a bit thin, and she has a small cheek rub, but her coloring is very high. I think she's pretty cute despite her faults.

The other 3 dolls all have the molded shoes. The second one is all original. These were very much like the Virga lollipops, except this was a Gigi. They also came in other bright pastel colors. The last 2 girls are both redressed with vintage dresses and new shoes. The ribbon in the doll to the rights hair is original


The 2 dolls above are Virga dolls. They also have the slightly larger body. Some were sold under other names also. The first doll is an all original Playmate, but the blue hat in the second picture I added. I think it looks cute on her. Maybe I should put some flowers and tulle on it.

The ballerina is Virga's Tiny Twinkle. She has pointed ballerina feet. In the first photo of she's wearing a vintage home made dress, and in the second she's wearing a crocheted outfit that I later sold. In both photos she's wearing new shoes.


These are the little girls with the flat molded shoes with bows. They are strung dolls. They were sold under many different names. Both these girls are redressed. The first one is wearing a vintage home made dress. She has really unusually nice thick hair, I think she is an earlier doll. Most of these dolls I see are more like the second doll. Her hair is not real nice and I don't think it ever was. I like this one because she has really high face color. The dress she's wearing has a large donut snap and is factory made but it isn't marked.

Ontario Plastics

The little girl above is a marked Ontario Plastics doll, often called Paula- Sue. She's redressed in a Ginger dress, and is borrowing one of the 10 inch fashion girls hats, of course she's been borrowing it for several years.

Fab Advertising Dolls

These are the Pam and Ginger Fab dolls. Pam is to the left. Pam dolls are generally like the Virga dolls, except they have light colored arms with unusual tube hooks. Pam is missing her hat. It was these two dolls that made me notice the difference in body size. Pam, Virga and Gigi type dolls have slightly larger bodies than Ginny, Muffy and Ginger sized dolls, and their dresses can fit rather differently on each other.

Nancy And Slugo

These are rather unusual dolls to find. I was lucky enough to see these in a loques shop just before Christmas at a good price. So my husband had to get them for me.

I like to play with my dolls and fix them up a bit. I usually get dolls that need at least a little TLC. The doll to the left is a 9 inch Fab advertisement doll and the first of this sort of doll I purchased. She was a mess when she started and you can see her make over pictures here.

You may have noticed I like making new wigs for my dolls too. I started with pre-made synthetic wiglets that I bought at local craft stores, then started making my own mohair wigs. They aren't really brushable but I think they look great. Doing wigs is a lot of fun.

The little girl to the right is a Gigi faced doll and the first total makeover I did with the new wig and a new dress I made for her. I took photos of her during the ordeal and made a new wig instruction page, which is available here.

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