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Jill & Her Little Miss Friends

Jill is to the left wearing a little nightie I made for her. The top is hand crocheted with ribbons running through the straps and top. The underskirt and panties are made of blue taffeta with a shear overskirt. I'd like to make her some maribou slippers someday to go with this. Jill's hair is a ponytail set up but I thought it looked better down with the nightie. She also has some shoes and her original body suit. I also have a Jeff in his original robe and slippers but it's red plaid and I'd like to make him some silky dark blue jammies to go with Jill's nightie.

To the right is a Little Miss Nancy Ann. She was a super find at a Salvation Army Thrift Store. I purchased her with several other dolls, including a Penny Brite in her original dress. They were 5 for a dollar. Sometimes I stumble on some great deals. She's in nice condition; her hair is great, though her bangs like to go up a bit. Her coloring is great also, and she doesn't have any damage. Miss Nancy Ann is wearing a tagged Nancy Ann skirt. Her sweater isn't tagged, and may or may not be original to the outfit. I'm guessing it wasn't. She has a bit of red staining on her waist, and I have to wonder if she didn't, at one time, have a red shirt. If anybody knows what went with this skirt originally, I'd sure like to know.

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