Vintage Dolls Presents:
Madame Alexander Pussy Cat

This is my Madame Alexander Pussy Cat and all her clothes. They are all original to the doll. She was purchased in about 1974 at The Crescent in Spokane, Washington. This was during the World's Fair, Expo "74.

She came with a large white wicker suitcase, lined in pink and filled with clothes. She was originally priced at $100, but had been discounted to $50 because the paint on the wicker suitcase was flaking off. My Grandma Othel bought her for me. I was about 10 years old when I got her. She was played with quite a lot but very gently. I think she had a pink ribbon in her hair, otherwise I don't believe anything is missing.

I really love this doll. I wish I knew more about the story behind these sets. The clothes don't look factory made. The amount of them is amazing, 2 footed pajamas, 2 kimonos, 4 short dresses, 2 long, a sunsuit, pantsuit, 2 bibs and the assorted panties, slips and bonnets that go with the other pieces. She also has a matching crochet sweater, bonnet and blanket. Her hair is in the original ponytail, but it is a bit flat and thin in back from being stored in the basket and I need to fix it a bit, but she's still a beauty. The teddy bear is recently added.

I love her little shoes. I named her when I was a little girl. Her name is Jessie Louise. That's the name I was going to name my little girl when I had one. Jessie for my Great-Grandmother and Louise for my Aunt. I have 4 wonderful boys.

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