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Tiny Vintage Dolls

This is where I really started in to collecting dolls as an adult. I went from doll house furniture and doll houses to the little dolls that would fit in them, then quickly graduated to the standard size dolls. I still like the little ones too though, and have a bunch more that need to be photographed.

This is an Edi doll from Germany. She probably had a nice costume at one time but when she came to me she only had her panties. I crocheted her the little dress. She has such a cute face and hair, much more detailed than many of these very small dolls. She's one of my favorites.

I've also seen the same doll in native costumes, sometimes with different hair, and sometimes in pairs with a boy doll.

This little doll is fairly common and can be found in different outfits. Mine is wearing the vintage crocheted dress that she came to me in, that matches a larger friends dress she was traveling with. Her shoes and socks are molded in, and so is her hair. She's currently in the bedroom of the Cohn Dollhouse.

The lady in blue is a common doll. I've seen her in all sorts of different outfits, including tissue paper ones. She was probably a prize at fairs. Mine had a big glue spot on top of her head and a yellow home made fabric skirt on.

I thought this little doll would make a good housewife with a white apron, and made her this dress. She's the mom in my Cohn Dollhouse now. She's also the tallest of the dolls on this page, at about 4 1/2 inches.

The little girl in yellow is all plastic. She has sleep eyes and her head turns.

In the picture below, there's a tiny baby in the center in a teal dress. I crocheted that one with a spool of vintage silk thread. It was horrible stuff to work with and I don't think I'd want to do it again. The little girl in the white and yellow dress has matching panties. The fabric and plastic clothes came with the other dolls in the photo.

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