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Vinyl & Magic Skin Baby Dolls

The three little babies pictured above are Ginnette like dolls. I still don't have a real Vogue Ginnette but I'm sure I'll get one eventually. She and Madame Alexanders Little Genius are both on my list of wants for this size of doll. The dolls above from left to right are a baby Ginger, Baby Susan, and a Nancy Ann Baby Sue Sue. Baby Ginger is one of the Kellogg's premium Baby Ginger's from 1959, I have part of her original outfit too. Baby Sue Sue is a later version, also from about 1959.

On the left is my first doll Nappy. Nappy got her name because she was the doll that would take naps with me. I don't remember getting Nappy because I was still a baby. But I did love her well. She is missing some eyelashes. Her hair is a wig, my Mom brought her to a doll doctor when I was older and had her cleaned and she got a new wig. What was left of her original rooted hair was mostly just a few bits at the top. I have been told that I used to carry Nappy around by her hair, poor little thing. She also wears her original outfit, however when my mom had her cleaned up at the doll doctor she reattached the little apple on it upside down. I've decided I couldn't stand it anymore and took it off, but haven't put it back on right yet. Her shoes and socks are replacements from the doll doctor.

Nappy is unmarked. I have found a similar doll listed in the "Dolls and Accesories of the 1950's book by Dian Zillner. It has the same head as Nappy's. This is the Uneeda Prithilla doll, made in the late 50's. The legs are straight where Nappy is a bent knee baby. Perhaps Uneeda sold the molds or made dolls for someone else. I've seen Prithilla on eBay a few times and bought a pair of them in fancy clothes, pictured to the right. As you can see they don't have the same type of eyes either. Nappy's are black, while the others have more typical doll eyes. I haven't seen this pair in a box but I'm pretty certain the clothes are original and factory made. The hat is secured to the boys head, and has never been removed. They are missing their shoes, though I've found some replacements of sorts since I took this photo.

The larger baby in the red and white striped Dutch outfit, sitting on the couch in the group picture is a Baby Precious. She's very minty and still has her original hand tags. Her hair even has the original net under her hat. The 2 small ones on the back left of the couch are Peggy Petites. One of the Peggys has on the same dress as Baby Precious. The Peggys came with carrying case and extra traveling clothes. I have one of their cases and several extra original outfits for both.

I also found a little boy that is similar to the Peggy Petites. He looks like the same head but he has a regular vinyl jointed body. I've been told there's also a little bride to go with him but I haven't seen her yet. He looks very cute with the girls, though he needs some little black shoes.

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